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The evoPOWER Vigor 3D 1 optimizes the interaction between kicking velocity and accuracy, and its knitted sock collar with exposed AccuFoam 3D dots (both on the in and outside) gives it a pro look. This cleat\’s anatomically engineered lightweight TPU outsole has an embedded Gradual Stability Frame, offering an optimal mix between stability and agility.


  • Professional level performance cleat
  • evoPOWER: Recommended for players looking for power, support, and substance
  • Suitable for use on firm natural surfaces


  • Spandex mesh upper with TPU skin; Exposed AccuFoam 3D dots at outer
  • Knitted sock around collar
  • Lace closure for a snug fit
  • Lightweight TPU outsole with combination of bladed and conical studs
  • PUMA Formstrip at lateral side
  • evoPOWER Logo at tongue
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